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<strong>Katrina Sheffield, Owner/Educator</strong>
Katrina Sheffield, Owner/Educator

Katrina Sheffield is a Troy, Alabama native with a long history with Cosmetology. As a Cosmetology student at Virginia College, Katrina discovered her passion for hair over 10 years ago and realized her calling while substitute teaching at Troy Public Schools. Katrina enrolled and completed her Cosmetology Instructor Training in 2017 and with the support of her loving husband, family, and friends, Katrina is happy to share her love for the beauty industry with her hometown community in Troy by opening Troy School of Cosmetology so that she can successfully train tomorrow’s future of beauty.


Since I met Katrina Sheffield, she has been a huge support system, helping hand, and friend to me. I started my cosmetology apprenticeship around October 2019 and finished up strong. She doesn’t help others just to get the creditor to say she did it, she helps because that is who she is. Having a person like this as a teacher is a plus. 
-Shaterrika Oneal

Meeting Katrina has been nothing short of a blessing. Being able to apprentice under her allowed me to gain the expertise needed to not only work in a salon professionally but to also own and operate one as well. Her positivity is unmatched when it comes to pushing her students to believe in themselves and achieve their goals. -AnKetra Ray

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